Cadenzas to Beethoven’s Violin Concerto: A Comprehensive Catalogue of Published, Unpublished, and Recorded Cadenzas
Ein umfassender Katalog der Kadenzen zum Beethoven-Violinkonzert

© Martin Wulfhorst, 2010, rev. 2020, 2022, 2023, 2024

1. Literature
2. Collections
3. Published Cadenzas
4. Unpublished Cadenzas
5. Unpublished, Recorded Cadenzas

The present list includes cadenzas by well over 100 violinists and composers, some whom have written more than a single cadenza set. The list is copyrighted. When quoting it please credit the author and provide the complete URL. Please send any information about inaccuracies or omissions to:
    The author would like to thank Roland Folter,  Albert Markov, Douglas Woodfull-Harris, and in particular, Johannes Neuberger and Uwe Sauerteig for valuable suggestions and additions.

As evident from Beethoven’s piano transcription op. 61a, the composer himself intended cadenzas, lead-ins (Eingänge), or fermata embellishments to be played not at three but at FIVE points:
➀ cadenza, first movement, m. 510
➁ fermata embellishment, second movement, m. 24 (the fermata embellishment at the analogous point in m. 14 is written out)
➂ cadenza (Eingang) between the second and third movements, m. 91
➃ cadenza (Eingang), third movement, m. 92
➄ cadenza, third movement, m. 279.
Most published and unpublished cadenza sets, however, include only cadenzas for points ➀, ➂, and ➄. For further details and suggestions for the missing cadenzas see Wulfhorst , 2009).

1. Literature

Alst, Karl-Henning van (1922-2013). “Die Kadenzen zu den Klavier-und Violinkonzerten von Beethoven und Brahms: ihr Bau und ihre Funktionen.” Prüfungsarbeit/Thesis, Cologne, Hochschule für Musik Köln, 1950. 185 pp.

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Berginc, Milan. “Beethoven’s Violin Concerto and Cadenzas of Beethoven’s Violin Concerto Op. 61.” Master Thesis, University of Agder, Norway, 2010.
This thesis includes on pp. 36-41 a section plagiarized (without the footnotes) from the Preface by Wulfhorst (2009) listed below. For this reason the thesis was removed from the University website (though Wikipedia has refused to take the link down).

Ginsberg, Marc. "An Evaluation of Cadenzas for Beethoven's Violin Concerto." Thesis, Juilliard School, New York, 1971.

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Theron, Marlise. “The Solo Cadenza as Vehicle for Self-Expression: A Case Study of Beethoven’s Violin Concerto.” Master Thesis, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences at Stellenbosch University. 2021.
Addendum 6 (7 pp.): Theron’s own Cadenza, which includes a transcription of the March section from Beethoven’s piano Cadenza.

Wulfhorst, Martin. Preface to: Cadenzas to Ludwig van Beethoven’s Concerto for Violin and Orchestra op. 61 by Auer, David, Dont, Joachim, Laub, Molique, Novacek, Saint-Saens, Spohr, Vieuxtemps, Wieniawski, Wulfhorst, Ysaÿe, ed. Martin Wulfhorst, Kassel: Bärenreiter, BA 9020, 2009. (The thesis by Milan Berginc listed above includes on pp. 36-41 a section plagiarized from this Preface.)

Wulfhorst, Martin. Preface to: Henri Vieuxtemps, Cadenzas WoO 1–2 to the First Movement of Beethoven's Violin Concerto for Violin, String Orchestra (String Quartet), and Timpani WoO 1-2, ed. Martin Wulfhorst (with a supplementary violin part marked by Yury Revich), Vienna: Ludwig Doblinger, Diletto musicale 1524, 2020.

Zuo, Shen. “A Reordering and Comparative Study about the Versions of Cadenzas for the Beethoven Violin Concerto in D Major, Op.  61.” Thesis, Shanghai Conservatory of Music, 2020, 34 pp. Paid download: 


2.  Collections

ed. Accardo, Salvatore. Cadenze per il Concerto op. 61 per violino e orchestra. Milan: Edizioni Curci, 2013, EC11829, 56 pp.
Includes cadenzas by Auer, Beethoven (transcribed by Accardo), Busoni, David, Joachim, Saint-Saëns, Vieuxtemps, Wieniawski, Ysaÿe.

ed. Eichhorn, Andreas, Berlin: Ries & Erler, 2009 and 2012.
Includes cadenzas by:
Vol. 1: Busoni, Dupuis, Hubay, Molique, Schradieck, Spohr, Vieuxtemps, Ysaÿe
Vol. 2: Auer (1st mvt.), Bezekirsky (1st–2nd mvt.), David, Laub, Léonard, Plotényi, Saint-Saens, Sammons, Singer, Wieniawski (1st mvt.), Wilhelmij

ed. Tsyganov, Dmitri Michailowitsch (Dimitri Mikhailovich Zyganov/Cyganov, Дмитрий Михайлович ЦыганËв) (1903–1992)  Skripichnye kadentsi [Violin Cadenzas], Vol 3: Kadentsi k skripichnomu kontsertu L. Betkhovena [Cadenzas to the Violin Concerto by L. Beethoven].  Moscow: Gosudarstvennoye Muzykalnoye Izdatelstvo [State Music Publisher], 1956. Скрипичные каденции. Выпуск III, Каденции к скрипичному концерту Л. Бетховена / под редакцией Д. Цыганова. Москва : Государственное музыкальное издательство. To be found in the Russian State Library.
Includes caden
zas by Auer, Bachmann, Bezekirsky, Busoni, David, Erdenko, Flesch, Gavrilov, Herrmann, Hubay, Joachim, Kreisler, Laub, Léonard, Molique, Nováček, Nyblom, Rodionov, Saint-Saëns, Singer, Vieuxtemps, Wilhelmij, Yampolski.

ed. Wulfhorst, Martin. Cadenzas to Ludwig van Beethoven’s Concerto for Violin and Orchestra op. 61 by Auer, David, Dont, Joachim, Laub, Molique, Nováček, Saint-Saëns, Spohr, Vieuxtemps, Wieniawski, Wulfhorst, Ysaÿe. Kassel: Bärenreiter, 2009, BA 9020.
Also includes Beethoven’s five (!) piano cadenzas transcribed by Nováček and Wulfhorst (see above).

Steffen Fahl has created digital audio filesof 1st-mvt. cadenzas by a number of composers (including some useful audio files of never recorded cadenzas): Auer, Baillot, Busoni, David, Dancla, Dont, Dupuis, Flesch, Hellmesberger, Herrmann, Hilf, Hubay, Joachim, Kreisler, Kriens, Laub, Léonard, Margulies, Meyer, Molique, Novacek, Pennequin, Reichel, Saint-Saëns, Sauzay, Schradieck, Singer, Spohr, Vieuxtemps, Wieniawski, Wilhelmij, Winkler, Ysaÿe



3. Published Cadenzas
Information provided: composer, movements (only for cadenza sets that include more or less than the standard three cadenzas), place of publication, publisher, date of publication, plate or publisher’s number, modern edition (for cadenzas that are difficult to access), recordings (for rarely performed cadenzas)

Auer, Leopold (1845-1930)
• A: 1st-mvt. cadenza, Leipzig: Jul. Heinr. Zimmermann, 1901, no. Z. 3316 (i); ed. Wulfhorst, Kassel: Bärenreiter, 2009
• B: cadenza set, Vienna: Universal, 1917, no. 7690; ed. Wulfhorst, Kassel: Bärenreiter, 2009

Bachmann, Alberto (1875–1963) • Paris: Costallat, 1910, no. 147; ed. Tsyganov, Moscow, 1956, Vol. 3

Barton Pine, Rachel (1974–) • “Rachel Barton Pine Collection.” New York: Carl Fischer, 2009.

Baillot, Pierre (1771–1842) • 1st-mvt. cadenza for violin and cello/doublebass (!),  March 1828; ed. Martin Wulfhorst, The Strad 133/1582 (Feb. 2022), 38-45.
   Critical commentary   Abstract

Beethoven • 1st-mvt. and 2nd-mvt. cadenzas, 2nd-mvt. fermata embellishments, and two 3rd-mvt. lead-ins (Eingänge) from the piano transcription of the Violin Concerto op. 61a, transcribed for violin and timpani by:
1. Novácek, Ottokar (1866–1900) • 1st and 2nd mvt. cadenzas, Leipzig: Breitkopf und Härtel, 1899, no. Viol. Bibl. 22632; ed. Wulfhorst, Kassel: Bärenreiter, 2009
2. Hellmesberger, Joseph Sr. (1828–1893) • parts of 1st-mvt. cadenza (joined to parts of Vieuxtemps’s cadenza WoO 1) for violin, strings, and timpani, op. posth., Vienna: Universal, 1902, no. U.E. 69; see details.
3. Rostal, Max (1905–1991) • 1st-mvt. cadenza, London: Hawkes and Son, 1938, no. H. 14876
4. Rudolf Kolisch (1896–1978) and René Leibowitz (1913–1972) • New York: Independent Music Publishers, 1964, 7 pp. (reproduction of the ms.)
5. Abbado, Michelangelo (1900–1979) • 1st mvt. cadenza, Milan: G. Ricordi, 1967
6. Schneiderhan, Wolfgang (1915–2002) • without 2nd-mvt. fermata embellishment, Munich: Henle 1968/1971
    recorded by Schneiderhan/Jochum on DG, by Ulf Hoelscher on Eterna/EMI, by Zehetmair with Brüggen on Philips, 1997, and by Isabelle Faust on Harmonia mundi, 2012
  rev. by Lena Neudauer
    recorded with Cappella Aquileia and Marcus Bosch on CPO
7. Bulatov, Leonid Petrovich (Bulatow, Leonid Petrowitsch / Леонид Петрович Булатов, b. c1926) • Cadenzas. Moscow: Assoz. "Russkaya Ispolnitel'skaya Shkola", 1997, 12 pp.
8. Tetzlaff, Christian (1966–) • without 2nd-mvt. fermata embellishment, Mainz: Schott, 2009
9. Martin Wulfhorst • 2nd-mvt. fermata embellishment (m. 24) and two 3rd-mvt. lead-ins (mm. 93 and 279), Bärenreiter, 2009
10. Salvatore Accardo (1941–) • 1st-mvt. cadenza, Milan: Edizione Curci, 2013
11. Gidon Kremer • 2nd-mvt. and 3rd-mvt. cadenzas, Munich: Henle, 2017
    recorded with Harnoncourt on Teldec, 1993; 1st-mvt. cadenza: see under 5. Recorded Cadenzas
12. Shute, Benjamin (1984–) • 1st-mvt. cadenza, 2022.
13. Soontornniyomkij, Varun • Five cadenzas for Viola  (No. 1 with timpani accompaniment), 2022.


Bezekirsky, Vasily Vasilyevich (Wassili Beserkirsky/Bezekirskii, Василий Васильевич Безекирский) (1835–1919) • Leipzig: Jurgenson 1901, no. 26368; 1st-mvt. and 2nd-mvt. cadenzas, ed. Eichhorn, Berlin: Ries & Erler, 2012

Bonavia, Feruccio (1877–1950) • London: Novello, 1941.

Boulier, Régis (1961–) • 3rd-mvt. cadenza. Published in: Boulier, “Beethoven, son concerto pour violon op. 61 en ré majeur,” Éditions D2L arts & music, 2019 [includes an edition of the Concerto, based on the sources].

Busch, Adolf (1891–1952) • New York: Indepent Music Publishers, 1942 (facsimile of ms.); Karlsruhe: Adolph-Busch-Edition, n.d.; Ettlingen: Felix Treiber, Edition 49, 2008, no. e 49 08056-00
    recorded by Busch/NYPO, 1942 and 1949; mm. 3-17 are different from the published version

Busoni, Feruccio (1866–1924) • Leipzig: Breitkopf, 1914, no. E.B. 4779; ed. Szigeti, Milan: Curci, 1963; ed. Eichhorn, Berlin: Ries & Erler, 2009
    recorded by Szigeti/Dorati, 1961, and by Jamie Laredo/Scottish CO

Carletti, R. E. (?) • Düsseldorf: Carletti, 1936

Dancla, Charles (1817–1907) • 1st-mvt. cadenza, Mainz: Schott, n.d. [1868], no. 19255

David, Ferdinand (1810–1873) • Leipzig: Breitkopf 1854, no. 8912; ed. Wulfhorst, Kassel: Bärenreiter, 2009
David. Cadenzas. Manuscript by his student Adrianus Joseph Wetrens (1822–1899), presumably reflecting revisions David may have suggested during Wetrens's studies with him in 1852–57.   San José State University, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr Library

Déjardin, Renaud (1978–) • 1st-mvt. and 3rd-mvt. cadenzas, ms., 2014

Dessauer, Heinrich (1863–1917) • ??? Mainz: Schott, c1897, New York: Carl Fischer, 1903

Dont, Jacob (1815–1888) • Vienna: Anton Goll, 1888, no. A.G. 405/32; ed. Wulfhorst, Kassel: Bärenreiter, 2009

Dupuis, Jacques (1830–1870) • 1st-mvt. cadenza, Paris: Richault, 1860; cadenza set, ms.; ed. Eichhorn, Berlin: Ries & Erler, 2009

Erdenko, Michail Gavrilovich (Михаил Гаврилович Эрденко) (1885–1940) • Ed. Tsyganov, Moscow, 1956, Vol. 3

Ernst, Heinrich Wilhelm (1812–1865) • Berlin: Schlesinger, 1886

Fender, Peter (c1965–) • Cadenzas Op. 1. Paid download:  

Flesch, Carl (1873–1944) • Leipzig: Peters, 1915, no. 9976a

Frait, Vojtěch (1894–1971) • Prague: Hudebni matice Umélecké besedy, 1942, in: František Ondrícek, Kadence k houslovým koncertûm

Fujikura, Dai (1977–). 1st-mvt. and 3rd-mvt. cadenzas, 2020?. 2 pp. Download:

Gavrilov, Konstantin (1862–1933)  • ed. Tsyganov, Moscow, 1956, Vol. 3

Genesi, Mario Guiseppe (1963–) • 1st-mvt. cadenza. Piacenza: Pro Manuscripto, 2002, 4 pp.

Gertler, André (1907–1998) • Vienna: Universal, 1973, no. 15769

Giménez, Gerónimo (1854–1923) • Madrid: Sociedad Anónima Casa Dotésio [?Unión Musical Espanola], Leipzig: C. G. Röder, n.d., no. 40913

Górski, Władysław (1846–1915) • London: Willcocks, c1890, pl. 1369. 4 pp. Download:

Herrmann, Hugo (1844–1935) • 3rd-mvt. cadenza. In: Goby Eberhardt, Virtuosen-Schule für Violine. Leipzig: C.F. Kahnt Nachfolger, 1908.

Hehrmann, Philipp. Third-movement Cadenza, 2004?. Download:

Heifetz Jascha Heifetz • Cadenzas. The Beethoven Folio. Lauren Keiser Music Publishing, 2015.

Hennig, Maximilian (1891–1989) • Berlin: Lienau, 1970

Herrmann, Eduard (1850–1937) • Cadenzas op. 7, Nürnberg: Wilhelm Schmid, 1883, no. W.S.333

Hilf, Arno (1858–1909) • Leipzig: Robert Forberg, 1909, no. 6164

Hubay, Jenö (1958–1937):
• Set A: Leipzig: Robert Forberg (Bosworth), 1895, no. 689; ed. Eichhorn, Berlin: Ries & Erler, 2009
• Set B: Neue Kadenzen, Budapest: Roszsnai, no. R.K. 1354;
    rev. by Gioconda de Vito (1907–1995)

Jäschke, Hermann Gustav (1818– after 1846) • New York Public Library (according to Palmer, 1974)

Japha, Georg (1834–1882) • Köln: Tonger, 1888, no. P.J.T. 1950

Joachim, Joseph (1831–1907)
• Cadenza, 1844 (Sothebey, Catalogue, Dec. 6, 2002)
• Set A, 1844: Vienna; Haslinger, 1853, no. 11.560; Berlin: Schlesinger, 1894, no. S 8599; ed. Wulfhorst, Kassel: Bärenreiter, 2009
• Set A facilitated: 1st-mvt. and 3rd-mvt. cadenzas., Violin Method, Berlin, no. 12061, 12740
• Set B: Berlin: Schlesinger, 1894. S. 8599; ed. Wulfhorst, Kassel: Bärenreiter, 2009
• “
Dublin Cadenza” (unfinished, based loosely on the Haslinger Cadenza), May 25, 1852, PL-ŁZu, MS M 37322. Ed. Katharina Uhde, “An Unknown Beethoven Cadenza by Joseph Joachim: `Dublin 1852’.” Musical Quarterly 103 (2021), 399. doi:10.1093/musqtl/gdab003

Kissine, Victor (1953–) • 1st mvt. cadenza (with timpani and winds), Munich: Henle, 2017 *see Kremer

Klingler, Karl (1879–1971) • [s.l.]: no publisher listed, c1940. Universität der Künste Berlin, Library, call no. EE 1104 / 28587

Knell, Peter (1970–) • Cadenzas, 2007

Kraggerud, Henning (1973–) • 1st-mvt. and 3rd-mvt. cadenzas (2020). Download:

Kreisler, Fritz (1875–1962) • Cadenzas, 1894, New York: Foley, 1928, no. B. 2128
    recorded by Yehudi Menuhin, Zino Francescatti, Augustin Hadelich, María Dueñas

Kriens, Christiaan Pieter Willem (1881–1934) • New York: Carl Fischer, 1914, no. B. 1223, 17572-4

Kubelik, Jan (1880–1940) • Cadenzas, 1905, Prague: Zdenek Vlk, 1935(?), no. 359

Kwiatkowski, Robert (1975–). Cadenzas. In: Kadencje do koncertów skrzypcowych J. Haydna, W.A. Mozarta i L. van Beethovena (= Cadenzas to violin concertos by J. Haydn, W.A. Mozart and L. van Beethoven), Gdańsk: Wydawnictwo Akademii Muzycznej im. Stanislawa Moniuszki, 2023.
     Audio of the 1st-mvt. cadenza: :

Laub, Ferdinand (1832–1875) • Cadenzas op. 13. Berlin: Heinrichshofen, 1859, no. 6164; ed. Wulfhorst, Kassel: Bärenreiter, 2009

Lauterbach, Johann (1832–1918) • Bremen: Schweers & Haake, [n.d.], no. HP 598.740

Lecocq, Alexandre Charles (1832–1918) • Cadenzas, 1883 (listed in Hoffmeister)

Lenzewski, Gustav (1857–1928) • Mainz: B. Schott, 1940, no. B.S.S. 36089, Edition Schott 3632

Léonard, Hubert (1819–1890) • Mainz: Schott, 1883, no. 23533
   recorded by Karl Freund on Polydor, 1938, by Henri Merckel on HMV, 1941, by  Carl Flesch on Symposium, 1987
• ed. Henri Marteau, Leipzig: Steingräber, 1909, no.1551
• ed. Maxim Jacobsen, Vienna: Universal Edition, 1949, no. U.E. 31
• ed. Yfrah Neaman, London: Stainer and Bell, 1987
• ed. Eichhorn, Berlin: Ries & Erler, 2012

Levin, Robert D. (1947–) • Two cadenza sets. Munich: Henle, 2003
    Set no. 2 recorded by Thomas Irnberger on Gramola, 2017

Lickl, Carl Georg (1801–1877) • Vienna: Carl Haslinger, [1854], 11 pp.$DirectLink&sp=SOPAC00&sp=SAKSWB-IdNr1667204947

Margulies, Adolf (1889?–?) • Berlin: Raabe und Plothow, c1907, no. R. 2039 P (Eastman School Cadenza Collection)

Markov, Albert  (Алъберт Александрович Марков)  (1933–) • “Cadenzas for Violin Concerti” (Bach, Mozart, Viotti, Beethoven, Brahms, Paganini), published by Rondo, available from

Meyer, Waldemar (1853–1950) • Leipzig: Steingräber, and New York: E. Schuberth, 1902, no. 1067 (Library of Congress, M217 .B43 op. 61 1800z M1013)

Michaelis, Julius (?–?) • Berlin: Richard Rühle, 1913

Milstein, Nathan (1903–1992) • 1st-mvt. cadenza, New York: G. Schirmer, 1977, no. 47497
   recorded by Milstein with major modifications with Prague PO/Szell on Claves, 1964, and with Pittsburgh SO on EMI, 1978

Molique, Bernhard (1802–1869) • op. posth., Stuttgart: Albert Auer's Musikverlag, 1909, no. A. 17 A.; ed. Wulfhorst, Kassel: Bärenreiter, 2009

Neaman, Yfrah (1923–2003) • 2nd-mvt. and 3rd-mvt. cadenzas, London: Stainer and Bell, 1987

Nyblom, Carl Göran (1867–1920) • Leipzig: Wilhelm Hansen, 1916, no. 16940; ed. Tsyganov, Moscow, 1956, Vol. 3

Pauset, Brice (1965–) • Paris: H. Lemoine, 2010
   recorded by David Grimal on Aparté, 2010

Pennequin, Jules Charles (1864–1914) • Paris: Enoch, 1900, included in Nouvelle Méthode de violon théorique et pratique, pp. 248–49. [Pennequin’s initials were given erroneously as “J. G.” in the publication.]

Plotényi, Ferdinand (1844–1933) • Mainz: Schott, 1887; ed. Eichhorn, Berlin: Ries & Erler, 2012

Putten, Melchior Frederik van (1901?–) •  Amsterdam: G. Alsbach, 195-?. 4 pp.

Quiroga Losada, Manuel (1892–1961) • ms., Museo de Pontevedra, published Paris: Salabert, 1941

Rabus, Hugo (?–?) • Leipzig: Polyhymnia (Zöllner), 1924, no. 1746

Raggio de Salles, Marcos (1885–1965) • 3rd-mvt. cadenza. Download: I5ODU=

Rodionov, Konstantin Kuz’mich (Константин Кузьмич Родионов) (1909-1974) • ed. Tsyganov, Moscow, 1956, Vol. 3

Rychlík, Charles Vaclav (1875–1962) • ms., Cleveland Public Library, ed. Prague: F.A. Urbánek, 1933

Saint-Saëns, Camille (1935–1921) • Paris: Durand, 1898, no. D & F 5722; ed. Wulfhorst, Kassel: Bärenreiter, 2009
    recorded by María Dueñas on Deutsche Grammophon, 2023.

Sammons, Albert (1886–1957) • Paris: Durand, 1913, no. 8638; ed. Eichhorn, Berlin: Ries & Erler, 2012

Say, Fazıl (1970–) • Mainz: Schott, 2021, ED 23431

Sauzay, Eugène (1809–1901) • 1st-mvt. cadenza (with orchestral accompaniment) and 3rd-mvt. cadenza, ms.; edition by M. Wulfhorst, forthcoming

Schnitttke (Schnitke), Alfred Garriyevich (1934–1998) • 1st-mvt. and 3rd-mvt. cadenzas; 1st-mvt. cadenza with 10 vns. and timpani, 1975, Hamburg: Sikorski, 1980
    recorded by Lubotsky on Globe, by Gluzman on BIS, and by Kremer on Philips); see A. Rapaport 2012

Schradieck, Henry (1846–1918) • New York: Schirmer, 1895, no. 12336; ed. Eichhorn, Berlin: Ries & Erler, 2009

Silverstein, Joseph (1932–) • Boston: Boston Music Co., 1984, no. B.M.Co.14023
    recorded by Silverstein

Singer, Edmund (Ödön) (1830–1912) • Leipzig: Kistner, 1857, no. 2239; ed. Eichhorn, Berlin: Ries & Erler, 2012

Spivakovsky, Tossy (1906–1998) • Wiesbaden: Breitkopf & Härtel, 1964, no. Wb. 659

Spohr, Louis (1784–1859) • Cadenzas WoO 46, London: Chanot, 1896, no. 74; ed. Wulfhorst, Kassel: Bärenreiter, 2009
    recorded by María Dueñas on Deutsche Grammophon, 2023.

Theron, Marlise • Cadenzas. In: Theron, “The  Solo Cadenza as Vehicle for Self-Expression: A Case Study of Beethoven’s Violin Concerto.” Master Thesis, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences at Stellenbosch University. 2021.

Tovey, Sir Donald Francis (1875–1940) • London: Oxford University Press, 1937

Tseitlin (Zeitlin), Lev M. (Лев Моисеевич Цейтлин) (1881–1952) • ed. Tsyganov, Moscow, 1956, Vol. 3

Vieuxtemps, Henri (1820–1881):
• WoO 1, 1st-mvt. cadenza with strings and timpani (ms. Wienbibliothek, formerly Doblinger Archives), ed. Wulfhorst, Vienna: Doblinger, 2020
• WoO 2, 1st-mvt. cadenza with strings and timpani, ms. Universität der Künste Berlin (Joachim estate), ed. Wulfhorst, Vienna: Doblinger, 2020 
• WoO 3, c1846, Offenbach: André, 1854, no. 7441; ed. Wulfhorst, Bärenreiter, 2009
    Recorded by Benjamin Schmid Violin, on youtube
Further transitional versions are preserved as ms.

Wieniawski, Henryk (1835–1880) • 1st-mvt. cadenza, 1854, ms., Nederlands Muziek Instituut, The Hague; ed. Wulfhorst, Kassel: Bärenreiter, 2009
    recorded by María Dueñas on Deutsche Grammophon, 2023

Wilhelmj, August (1845–1908) • Leipzig: Peters, c1883, no. 6718; Berlin: Schlesinger, 1886, no. S. 7709; ed. Eichhorn, Berlin: Ries & Erler, 2012

Winkler, Julius (1855–1938) • Vienna: Doblinger, 1931, no. D. 6890,

Witting, Carl (1823–1907) • ?

Yampolsky, Abram Ilyich (Абрам Ильич Ямпольский) (1890–1956) • ed. Tsyganov, Moscow, 1956, Vol. 3

Ysaÿe, Eugène (1958–1931):
• A: 1st-mvt. cadenza, 1889, ms., Morgan Library; ed. Wulfhorst, Bärenreiter, 2009
    recorded by María Dueñas on Deutsche Grammophon, 2023
• B: “Improvisations-Cadenza,” 1888–1889,
• C: ed. Philippe Newman, Bruxelles: Editions Ysaÿe, 1966; ed. Eichhorn, Berlin: Ries & Erler, 2009

Záborszky, Katariina •.Vienna, 2013. Published with a CD in: “Eine neue Kadenz zum Beethoven-Violinkonzert,” Thesis, Universität für Musik und darstellende Kunst Wien.

Zeitlin -> Tseitlin

Zimmermann, Louis (1873–1954) • Amsterdam: Broekmans & Van Poppel (composed for Bram Eldering)

Zotti, Claudio • Toscanella di Dozza: Edizioni musicali Rodi, c2000.


4. Unpublished Cadenzas

Achron, Joseph (1886–1943) • ms., 1906, National Library of Israel, MUS 0012 A 014

Aucoin, Matthew (1990–) • Cadenzas, 2012.

Barbillion, Jeanne (1895–1992) • (1st-mvt.)  cadenza

Beethoven • Cadenzas to the piano transcription of the Concerto op. 61a, transcribed for violin:
• by Ludwig Strauss (1835–1899), ms. lost (see “The Saturday Review,” vol. 26, July 25, 1868, p. 128)

Berwald, August (1798–1869), brother of the composer Franz Berwald • 1st-mvt. Cadenza for Violin, 2 Horns, and Strings, 1864–69, ms., dedicated to Wilhelmina Neruda-Norman

Buckinx, Boudewijn • (1st-mvt.?)  cadenza, 1988

Fheodoroff, Nikolaus (1931–2011) • Three cadenzas with timpani, 1995.

Hasse, (Martin) Karl (1883–1960) • Cadenzas, ms. 1937.

Kneisel, Franz (1865–1926) • 1st-mvt.(?) cadenza, ms.
According to Frederick H. Martens (Violin Mastery..., 1919, p. 126), the second, unpublished volume of Kneisel’s studies included “his own cadenza to the Beethoven violin concerto.” The first book was published as “Advanced Exercises for the Violin” (New York: Schirmer, 1912); download from

Koretz, Karl (1865–1933) • (1st-mvt.?) Cadenza, Brno, 1930.

Lee, Robert Charles • Two cadenzas with timpani, ms., Wichita, 1960 (Library of Congress, M1012,5.B3op.61.L37)

Maurer, Ludwig  (1789-1878) • 1st-mvt. cadenzas, ms.  lost  (see Gebauer, 2016, p. 17)

Murkens, A. P. (1870–1946) • 3rd-mvt. cadenza, ms., 1889, 3 pp.

Ono, Chihiro (c1980?) • Cadenza, ms.

Rasse, François (1873–1955), student of Ysaÿe • “Cadences composées sur les figures mélodiques et rythmiques du Concerto," composed in 1898, revised in 1939, ms.

Reichel, Max (1863–1930) • (1st-mvt.?) Cadenza, 1883/1885, ms., 3 pp. Download:

Schneeberger, Hansheinz (1926–2019) • 1st-mvt. and 3rd-mvt. cadenzas (with timpani), ms., c2017, 3 pp.

Szekely, Zoltan (1903–2001) • (1st-mvt.?) cadenza, ms.

Venzl, Josef (1842–1916) • Cadenzas, ms., c1901–2.

Zilcher, Hermann (1881–1948) • Cadenzas, ms., 1937.


5. Unpublished Recorded Cadenzas

Beethoven • Cadenzas to the piano transcription of the Concerto op. 61a, transcribed for violin:
• by Max Strub (short segment from the Marcia), recorded on Electrola, 1939, TLC 2580, also recorded by Taschner (pseud. Balachovsky) with Leopold Ludwig on Royale
• by Joseph Swensen, recorded on RCA 7777, 1988
• by Nils-Erik Sparf, recorded on SMS, 1992
• by Rodion Shchedrin(?), 1st-mvt. cadenza (with piano and timpani), recorded by Gidon Kremer with Harnoncourt on Teldec, 1993
 • by Arve Tellefsen (includes segments of Beethoven’s 1st-mvt. cadenza), recorded on Grappa, 1994
• by Roland Greutter, recorded for NDR, 2007 (
• by Patricia Kopatchinskaja (with a second violin part, overdubbed), recorded with Herreweghe on Naive, 2009
• by Léo Marillier (with timpani, freely based on Beethoven), recorded on Cascavelle, 2018
• by Leonidas Kavakos, recorded on Sony, 2019
• by Dmitry Sinkovsky (with piano and timpani), recorded on Glossa, 2020
• by Mihai, Daniel (1984–) • 1st-mvt. Cadenza (without timpani). Video (2020):

Bennet, William • Cadenzas for the flute transcription of the Concerto, recorded with English Chamber Orchestra on Camerata, 2006

Bell, Joshua (1967–) • recorded on Sony, 2000

Bylsma, Anner (1934–2019) • recorded by Vera Beths with Tafelmusik on Sony Vivarte, 2012

Chase, Stephanie (1957–) • recorded with Hanover Band on Cala, 1992

Dueñas, María • recorded live with Wiener Symphoniker and Manfred Honeck on Deutsche Grammophon, 2023.

Dunayevsky, Isaak (Исаак Осипович Дунаевский) (1900–1955) • recorded by Miron Polyakin on SSSR Melodiya, 1980

Elman, Mischa (1891–1967) • ms., New York Public Library JPB 90-4 (Evsei Beloussoff Papers), recorded with Soltion Decca, 1955

Cárdenas Tamez, Sergio Ismael (1951–) • premiered in Erlangen on Jan. 27, 2008, recorded by Anke Schittenhelm on

Dantone, Ottavio (1960–) • recorded by Viktoria Mullova with Gardiner on Philips, 2002

Grumiaux, Arthur (1921–1986) • 3rd-mvt. cadenza, recorded with Philharmonia Orch, Philips, 1966

Guillou, Jean  • 2nd-mvt. cadenza, recorded by  Arve Tellefsen on Grappa, 1994

Heifetz, Jascha (1901–1987) • cadenzas (partially based  on Auer), anon. ms., Royal College of Music (recorded with Toscanini on His Master’s Voice, DB 5726, 1940, reissued by Naxos; recorded with Boston SO/Munch; recorded by Aaron Rosand with Monte Carlo SO on Vox, VXP 7902, 1999)

Huggett, Monica (1953–) • recorded with Mackerras on EMI, 2001

Ichmouratov, Airat (Айрат Рафаилович Ишмуратов) (1973–) • Klezmer Cadenzas op. 33, 2012, recorded by Alexandre da Costa on Warner Classics, 2013

Johnston, Mark (1986–). Four cadenzas [including one to the Larghetto], 2014?. Audio:

Kennedy, Nigel (1956–) • 2nd-mvt. and 3rd-mvt. cadenzas, recorded with Polish CO on EMI, 2008

Keulen, Isabelle (1966–). recorded with Wiener KammerOrchester on Capriccio/Naxos, 2016.

Lazarava, Maria (1992–) • 1st-mvt. Cadenza. Audio (2016),

Manén y Planas, Joan (1883–1971) • 1st-mvt. cadenza. Audio (1916!),

Mann, Robert (1920–2018) • Cadenzas, 1952, recorded by Steven Copes, 2018: 

Nesterenko, Dina (1980–) • 1st-mvt. cadenza. video (2020):

Pascual León, Fernando (1988–). 1st-mvt. cadenza. Audio (2021) *check

Pletnev, Mikhail • Cadenzas for the clarinet transcription of the Concerto, recorded by Michael Collins on DG, 2000

Príhoda, Váša (1900–1960) • 1st-mvt. cadenza, recorded by Josef Suk with Boult on EMI, 1971; recorded by Josef Suk with Czech PO/Konwitschny on Supraphon, 196

Rieger, Friedemann • Cadenzas, recorded by Nora Chastain on Ars, 20

Rivera Martínez, David (c1998–) • 1st-mvt. cadenza. Video (2021, 19:05):

Shoji, Sayaka (1983–) • Cadenzas, 2006, recorded with St. Petersburg PO/Temirkanov on Deutsche Grammophon, 2018

Sorokov, Anaton (1978–) • recorded on Marmor 9601, 2007 (“Wertvolle Klänge”)

Spalding, Albert (1888–1953) • recorded with Loibner on Concerteum/Forgotten Records FR1226, 1952

Steck, Anton • recorded on Accent, 2017

Stern, Isaac (1920–2001) • 3rd-movement cadenza, recorded with New York PO/Bernstein on Sony

Suk, Josef (1929–2011) • 2nd-mvt. and 3rd-mvt. cadenzas, recorded with Czech PO/Konwitschny on Supraphon,1962

Sung, Suha (1982–) • Cadenzas. Video:

Szeryng, Henryk (1918–1988) • 2nd-mvt. and 3rd-mv. cadenzas, recorded with London SO/Schmidt-Isserstedt on Decca, 1965

Tellefsen, Arve  • 3rd-mvt. cadenza, recorded on Grappa, 1994

Tenenbaum, Mela • 1st-mvt. and 3rd-mvt. cadenzas. ESSAY Recordings, 2004.

Tjeknavorian, Emmanuel (1995–) 

Vengerov, Maxim (1974–) • recorded with London SO/Rostropovich on Warner Classics, 2006

Widmann, Jörg (1973–) • Cadenzas, recorded by Veronika Eberle with London Symphony and Simon Rattle. Video (2023): Video:



Martin Wulfhorst